What Is the USAPA EEC

In addition to contracting with Chesapeake for testing services, the USAPA has established the Equipment Evaluation Committee (EEC). The EEC is led by the USAPA Managing Director of Competition and consists of two individuals with engineering backgrounds and diverse experience in sports. The EEC evaluates manufacturer’s prototypes and new product introductions, which may use new shapes, configurations or surface treatments. The EEC is a review body that ensures these developments are consistent with maintaining the nature of the game. Members of the EEC include:

Karen Parrish, Managing Director of Competition, has been with USAPA in many different roles since 2012. She has been a district ambassador all the way to the regional director. Karen has been involved in competitive sports for 35 years. She is excited to be a part of the USAPA team and all that it entails. She will be providing management, support and oversight of USAPA’s tournament sanctioning process, support and coordination of USAPA national and regional tournaments, and lends additional support and guidance within the EEC division.

John Anderson – Has 35 years of experience in the Aerospace industry. Currently, he is chief engineer for a large aerospace company responsible for certification of commercial airplane components. He is also a registered professional mechanical engineer (California).

Carl Schmits – Trained as industrial/systems engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute. Most recently held operational leadership in product development with mobile technologies at a large semiconductor manufacturer, as well as high-speed super-computer interconnects at a leading European manufacturer. He has a 5.0 USAPA rating, is an Open level racquetball competitor and certified instructor for both pickleball (IPTPA) and racquetball, with product development experience in those sports as well.

Carolyn Benson – While not a member of the EEC committee, Carolyn serves as the EEC administrator and is the initial point of contact for all manufacturers regarding questions, product submissions, etc.